The Riverdogstudios Catalogue

Works available for purchase

The paintings in this Catalogue Page are for sale either here at or through the Gallery or Museum where the painting might currently be on exhibit. This Catalogue Page, and the Paintings Page above, is arranged by series. Each Series represent regional paintings, or of a genre, that remain for sale. To see a larger image, it's provenance, where the painting is currently, or other details about the work, just click on its image below.

If you wish to see the complete body of work in each Series including works already sold, or otherwise acquired, and those for sale, clicking on the Paintings link above will take you to the entire collection.

If you would like to make an inquiry about sales, or comment, please go to the Contact link above. You can reach us there.

Marine Series

Color study for First light at McBride's drydock, Louisville, Kentucky Crossing the bar at Cape Disappointment, Astoria, Oregon Scallop trawler on the way out, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Aviation Series


Big Horn Series


Florida Series

Cedar Key lagoon, Cedar Key, Florida    

Nova Scotia Series


Ohio River Valley Series

The Ohio river at Aurora, Indiana, summer River Road (IN Hwy 56) at Aurora, Indiana, storm effect

Virginia Series

Farm near Purceville, Virginia, windy day
Summer haystacks _  Albemarle County, Virginia Cotoctin Creek, Loudoun County, Virginia