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We will be happy to answer any questions or comments you may have about riverdogstudios. Kenneth Hamilton (Sather) Bruguiere. I began using Sather in 1967, the name of my great great grand father, the prominent San Francisco banker, Pedar Sather, born in Norway. Your inquiries will be answered by yours truly...and the riverdog is our Great Spitz/Pomeranian, Jack.

Sales Inquiries and Purchasing


The photographs are printed on luster Canon, Moab or Somerset paper and come in various sizes within the 8.5 x 11, 11 x 16, 13 x 19 range depending on the image and layout. Large format Images with sizes larger than 13 x 19 are available but will be produced off-site and price will depend on size of course. 40 inches either way is about the max dimension. The print is signed on the paper or reverse. Current prices are 150$ for 8.5x11, 250$ for 13x19 and up to $400 for the larger formats. We will be happy to consider discounts for students or those just starting their collections. We even have been known to give some away, usually public institutions. If you would like a print, follow the, hopefully sensible, procedures outlined above. If you have any questions, and you may, don't hesitate to email us at Will respond soonest.


As to the paintings, riverdogstudios feels that to appreciate the value of your investment you must see the painting in person. You are welcome, of course, to visit the studio here in El Dorado, Gallery or exhibition where the painting is being shown. If you have proceeded this far into the collection you will have a good idea where the picture is. If standing in front of the piece is not practical we will send you the painting. If it is not what you had in mind after hanging it in your home or office you may return one piece of course. Your payment will be held by PayPal in an escrow account up to 15 days to accomodate your decision. Please contact us for details and we will try to make the sales transaction as painless as possible these days.