two P-40Bs running up the Salween River

"Running up the Salween - late afternoon light "

During the Battle of the Salween River that took place in the monsoons of May, 1942, two Curtis P-40Bs of the 3rd Pursuit Squadron, American Volunteer Group - popularly known as the "Flying Tigers" - run up the Salween in and out of cloud shadows returning to their base at Kunming, China. The aircraft, flown by former Marine pilots Ken Jernstedt as lead in aircraft #74 and Tommy Heywood joining on his wing in #49, have just completed dangerous strafing attacks against enemy troops attempting to cross the river. Today, the Salween and it's spectacular gorges, are part of China's Three Parallel Rivers National Park in Yunnan Province, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Aviation Series

Oil on canvas 16 x 32 "

Painted at Louisville, Kentucky 2009


2009 Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum, Savannah, Georgia. American Society of Aviation Art (ASAA) 2009 International Aerospace Art Exhibition. June 21, 2009 through January 10, 2010.

acquired by the National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, Florida, 2010


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