Cadaques Series

on the balcony off the studio reading a how-to-paint-like-Salvador Dali-book. Cadaques, Spain, 1972

The Cadaques Series of paintings were produced in Cadaques, Spain. The works were painted in the studio or outside from nature between November, 1971 and March,1972 when I left Cadaques and went to Lipsos, Greece. Unfortunately, the whereabouts of most of these paintings are now unknown.

Cadaques, Spain, February, 1972. Furloughed from TWA, I'm on the balcony trying to warm up. It was very cold and damp in northeast Spain. Salvadore Dali lived over the far hill in Port LLegat. He was in Paris during my time in Cadaques. Too bad; he was famous for his parties where I would have had a chance to meet him. C'est la vie...

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Calle de Gatos evening, Cadaques, Spain Calle De Gatos rooftops, Cadaques, Spain  Cadaques roof tops 2, Cadaques, Spain
Cadaques roof tops 1, Cadaques, Spain Cadaques harbor with fishing boats, Cadaques, Spain Boats on beach at Cadaques harbor, Cadaques, Spain
House with red roof near Cadaques, Spain Abandoned house above Port Llegat, Spain Old farm above Cadaques, Spain, storm effect