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California Series


The California Series paintings represent four seperate periods of work:

  • 1962 - 1965, 1974 - San Francisco
  • 1968 - 1971, 1973 - Manhattan Beach
  • 1974 - 1976 - Hollywood and Inverness
  • 1975 while staying in Montecito

Born on April 18, 1940, at Oakland, California, I remained there until I joined the Army in 1958, returning to the Bay Area in 1961 to begin college. After picking up painting again in 1962, I would leave California as a home in 1975 and head east to Virginia. All but four of the paintings below are paintings of California. The series begins with the recent from 2008, "Bodega morning - fog breaking up," and, moving left to right, ends with a survival from childhood; a chalk piece from 1949 and the 4th grade Trees with fence. "Bodega" is the first painting of a California subject since 1975..

working at Papermill Creek, Pt Reyes Station. The painting on the homebuilt easel is Point Reyes Station from Papermill Creek 1974.

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Bodega morning - fog breaking up
Cottage with hanging plants, Montecito, California
Lemon orchard, Montecito, California
Landera Lane, Montecito, California
Farm Road near Petaluma, California
View from the Inverness Park Grocery, Inverness, California
Point Reyes Station from the Truck Stop Cafe, Pt  Reyes Station from the Truck Stop Cafe, California
Barnyard, West Marin County,  California
Salt marsh at Tomales Bay - morning, West Marin County, California
Olema from Bear Valley Road, West Marin County, California
Point Reyes Station from Paper Mill Creek, Pt Reyes Station, California
Early morning in town, Point Reyes Station, California
Barnyard with poppies - Marshall-Petaluma Road, West Marin County, California
Inverness cottage - spring, Inverness, California
Point Reyes farm near Point Reyes Station - late afternoon, West Marin County, California
Flowering fruit trees, Olema , West Marin County, California
Low tide at Marshall Boatworks, Tomales Bay, Marshall, California
Mom and Papa's goldfish pond
Yellow meadow, West Marin County, California
West Marin dairy, Marin County, California
Spring on the Petaluma road, West Marin County, California
Barn on the Petaluma road - twilight effect, West Marin County, California
Marshall Boatworks with cat, Marshall, California
April thunderstorms over Pt Reyes Station, West Marin County, California
Our Lady of  Loretto, West Marin County, California
View of Nicasio, West Marin  County, California
Morning conversation at the Marshall Boatworks, Marshall, California
In the park, Santa Barbara, California
Farm buildings near Pt Reyes Station, West Marin County, California
Pt Reyes Station - storm
Dream cottage in the manner of Van Gogh
Petaluma Fauvist
Dutch landscape 1
Dutch landscape  2
Dutch landscape 3
Old Mission tanker off El Segundo, California
Farmyard in winter  - Switzerland
Winter Village
Church at Tiburon
Old barn in winter, California
Gold town in Sonora, California
Street in the tenderloin, San Francisco, California
Old mining town saloon, Placer County, California
Fishing Boats Japan
Golden Hind at Drake's Bay
Trees with fence