Lipsos Series

Before the going away party, Lipsos, Greece 1972

The Lipsos Series of seven paintings was based on a number of drawings done during a two month stay on the island of Lipsos, Greece, in 1972. To this day the island is known as "the island of churches." The work was painted from these drawings at San Francisco in 1973. Two of these paintings have been lost.

Lipsos,or Lipsi, Greece 1972. The smile is deceptive having just been recalled to TWA: just before the going-away party with friends. At dawn the group was just about as big but worn as I sadly boarded a fishing boat for Patmos, then an inter-island ferry to Pireas, Athens, and a TWA jump-seat to Los Angeles.

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Man in doorway, Lipsos village, Lipsos Island, Greece Lipsos church 3, Lipsos island, Greece Lipsos village from the fields, Lipsos Island, Greece
Lipsos church 2, Lipsos Island, Greece Lipsos street, Lipsos Island, Greece Lipso village from the harbor, Lipsos Island, Greece
Lipsos church 1, Lipsos Island, Greece