Marine Series

Calle De Gatos rooftops, Cadaques, Spain

Growing up on San Francisco Bay resulted in a life-long interest in harbors and ships, and so in art (for an early approach see California Series, Golden Hind at Drakes Bay California ). The purpose of this Series site is to gather up into one place works throughout the Paintings pages that have a marine theme. We have done this as a convenience for those who are interested in this particular genre.

with my mother, Kathleen Huntingdon Bruguiere (1905-1989) on Parent's Day, Seascouts, Alameda Squadron, c. 1952

photo: Francis J. Bruguiere Jr (1904-1990)

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Crossing the bar at Cape Disappointment, Astoria, Oregon Making the Turn at Tansy Point First light at McBride's drydock
Oil study for First light at Mcbride's drydock, Louisville, Kentucky Serapis Sunday morning on the Miami River, Miami, Florida - 1984
Late summer fog at Prospect Harbor, Nova Scotia Feltzen South, Nova Scotia Quiet Moorings, Nova Scotia
Scallop Trawler on the way out, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia Cliffs at Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia - storm effect Boats on Beach, Cadaques, Spain
Old Mission Tanker off El Segune, California - 1969