Nova Scotia Series

RV Nova Scotia

This series began while living in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia during the summer of 1984. A number of drawings and all but two of the paintings below were completed there. Later, the last two of the Nova Scotian work were begun in Virginia and in Memphis, Tennessee in 1985. Usually windy up on the hill, most of the paintings were completed inside the trailer. A screen-room off the trailer where I intended to work was blown out in a gale one night.

a work-in-progress photo of the painting Cliffs at Blue Rocks - storm effect
hanging on the trailer, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, 1984

photo: Sather Bruguiere

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Late summer fog at Prospect harbor, Nova Scotia View of Granville Ferry from Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia Feltzen South, Nova Scotia
Top of Cumberland Street, end of the rain, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia Lilydale Hill near Lunenburg, Nova Scotia Scallop trawler on the way out, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Rock barrens above Lunenburg Bay, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia Cliffs at Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia, storm Apple orchard, Annapolis River Valley, Nova Scotia
Fisherman sheds at Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia Town bridge at Mahone Bay, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia Quite moorings near Mahone bay, Nova Scotia