Saudi Arabia Series

Calle De Gatos rooftops, Cadaques, Spain

The Saudi Arabia Series began while living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia from 1978 through 1979 flying for Saudia, Saudi Arabia's national airline. Some 10 drawings around Jeddah, Riyahd, and Dahran were done during this time. These drawings can be seen at the Drawing link above. From these drawings only three paintings have been completed.The two large canvases of Riyahd now have some historical interest. The wonderful indigenous architecture that these two scenes depict have been lost forever to urban modernization.

working on "Girls in a mirage..." Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 1978

photo: George Smith

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Summer in the old city, Riyahd, Saudi Ariabia - 1977 Girls walking in a mirage near Jebel Subh, Saudi Arabia Delivering water in old  Riyahd, Saudi Ariabia