Ohio River Valley Series

The Ohio River Valley Series is a selection of photographs from a number of aerial photoshoots since 2005. Flying both up and down river from Louisville, about 40 miles each direction, would take us west (down river) as far a Brandenburg, Kentucky, and east (up river) as far as Madison, Indiana. Most of the photography was taken at an altitude around 1000 to 500 feet above the ground or the river in the Aeronca Champ. The flights were usually in the morning or in the evening in a variety of weather conditions and inflight visibility.

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McBride tow downbound with empties in muddy water - calm eveining
Truss bridges across the Ohio at Louisville, Kentucky
2nd Street bridge into Louisville, Kentucky - late evening
Floyd Knobs farm shadows in winter - late evening
Kosmos Plant on the Ohio below Louisville, Kentucky - late afternoon
19th century armory and manufacturing facility at Jeffersonville, Indiana - late afternoon
The Ohio River at Louisville, Kentucky at dusk in summer haze
Louisville reflections - monochromic effect with red
Downbound tow below 12 Mile Island - pictorial effect in evening light
Interstate 64W into Louisville - pictorial effect at sunset
Louisville skyline - pictorial effect at sunset
Ohio River bottom land looking southwest in late afternoon
Tow in glare
The Ohio River above Louisville looking west with power plant in summer haze
Indiana bluffs on the Ohio River with upbound tow looking west in summer haze
colorful tow
Over the Ohio River at Madison, Indiana - early fall morning
The Ohio River at Louisville, Kentucky, October afternoon
Louisville skyline from the west - pictorial effect on a summer afternoon
over JEFFBOAT shipyard, Jeffersonville, Indiana