The West Series

This series of albums of photography of the west is a selection of images from photoshoots that began in this region in 2002 with a road trip to California and the west coast, to the most recent project from March, 2007 in New Mexico. This Series of the west is organized by state around the "four corners"of Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, then the Rockies, and the great state of Nevada. The Big Horn Series over on the Paintings side of this website is the most neglected in number of paintings presented. Not for lack of interest; we can hardly wait to turn into paintings what these photographic images reflect of this wonderful region of vast horizons, high peaks, and big skies.

To view a selection of images from each photoshoot of the west below, just click on the image defining the collection you are interested in. This Series is under construction and only Arizona and New Mexico and The Rockies are active at this time (8-20-09).

ArizonaSummer monsoons east of Kayenta - August afternoon

New MexicoSunset at Las Cruces

The RockiesRoad to the Sun #54 - St. Mary Lake looking southwest at 5 in the afternoon - wind  20x 13 inches

Nevada Nevada basin #12 along US50Eunder construction

Utah The LaSals from US163N - morning light in early Juneunder construction